T-One Rehab


T-One Rehab is a highly professional 4-channel electrotherapy device intended for rehabilitation specialists, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

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Technical features

  • Four independent channels unit (up to 8 connectable electrodes)
  • Constant current generator (can guarantee a constant current even when skin condition changes, the device automatically stops in the event of accidental electrodes disconnection)
  • Compensated biphasic square wave: current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant to avoid polarization effect
  • Monophasic wave generator (only for iontophoresis programs);
  • 2+2 users programs
  • Backlight graphic colour display
  • User feedback: the device recognizes patient connection
  • Soft-touch easy to use keyboard
  • On – line guide on display for fast instructions;
  • 4,8 V rechargeable battery pack;
  • Personalized programs for man and woman;
  • Frequency 0,2 ÷ 1200 Hz
  • Width impulse 20 µs ÷ 300 ms
  • Time 1÷90 minutes
  • Maximum intensity 120 mA, with 0,5 mA step regulation
  • Medical device CE0476.



  • Electrotherapy unit with graphic colour display
  • 4 connection cables (8 connectable electrodes)
  • Self-adhesive square electrodes
  • Self-adhesive rectangular electrodes
  • Self-adhesive round electrodes
  • Ionophoresis kit
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • User manual and electrodes position manual
  • Transport bag

Accessories available on request:

  • Anal probe
  • Vaginal probe
  • Bipolar handpiece for electro-stimulation
  • Pen-electrode (monopolar electrode) for electrostimulation
  • Thigh straps for electro-stimulation
  • Calf straps for electro-stimulation