Innovative and high performance device for therapy treatments, both for professional user and for home user.

It combines a TENS device and an ultrasoundtherapy device in an ergonomic and easy to use applicator.

Technical features

  • 1MHz ultrasound, maximum output power 4W
  • Maximum intensity 1W/cm²
  • Maximum electrotherapy intensity output 80Vpp
  • TENS programs ( frequency 2÷150Hz, impulse width 60÷250µs)
  • Medical device CE0476
  • 5 cmq treatment head


  • Device
  • Medical power supply
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Cables for electrotherapy
  • Electrodes
  • User manual
  • Transport bag

Additional information


In therapy, ultrasounds are created artificially by exploiting the properties of certain mineral crystals that dilate and compress when they are subjected to the action of an electric field. Ultrasound irradiation generates vibrations and, therefore, micro-massage that is very intense, acting deep down in the tissues. As these vibrations impact and friction with the cellular and intracellular structures they generate heat.

Interaction of the ultrasounds with the biological tissues produced mechanical, thermal, chemical and antalgic effects. Ultrasound therapy is indicated for antalgic treatments, for relaxing contracted muscles, fibrotic and trophic actions.

It is particularly indicated to treat problems of the locomotor apparatus, where antalgic effects are needed, in sciatica and neuritis generally, in periarticular calcification, Duplay's disease, Dupytren´s disease, organised hematomas and scar tissue, tendinitis, muscular contractions.

In scapulohumeral periarthritis, ultrasound therapy can disgregate the calcification and help absorption of the calcium salt deposits. It is also useful to improve the effect of kinesitherapy.

In acute problems, 8-10 treatments are sufficient to get good results, while chronic problems require 10-15 sessions.

General application methods

Ultrasound therapy can be given in two different ways: direct contact with mobile or fixed heads.

Direct contact, which is the most frequently used method, involves applying the emitting head directly on the skin with a special substance between (usually a special conducting gel).

Using the mobile head, the transducer is applied with a light pressure and moves over the skin with short movements of 3-4 cm, perpendicular to each other, or with circular movements, with a field of action of 30-50 cm2 at most.

Applications in beauty treatments

Ultrasounds can be used effectively in beauty treatments for cellulite, aiding local circulation and reducing the "orange peel" effect. It helps the absorption of active ingredients, such as essential oils, liposoluble vitamins (e.g. vitamins A and E) and hydrosoluble agents through the skin, relaxing the tissues with good results in smoothing out wrinkles.

Very good results have been obtained in activating anti-inflammatory processes, regenerating the tissues in cases of acne and foruncolosis, in mobilising the fats and restoring tropism in the cellular tissues and tissue metabolism, with positive effects on vascularisation and lymphatic drainage.