Mio Sonic

Innovative and high performance device both for home use and professional use. It combines compactness and high performances in a small, light and easy to use applicator.

Technical features

  • Professional device for ultrasoundtherapy;
  • 9 programs;
  • 1 MHz ultrasound, maximum output power 6,4W, maximum intensity 1,6W/cm2;
  • Collimated ultrasound beam for an optimal penetration beam;
  • 3 ultrasound beam intensity levels: 0,08 W/cm2 (low) – 0,8 W/cm2 (medium) – 1,6 W/cm2 (high);
  • Medical power supply;
  • Medical device CE0476
  • Direct contact device (not suitable for water immersion)


  • Portable device
  • Medical power supply
  • Ultrasound gel
  • User manual
  • Carriage and storage bag
  • Box

Additional information

The lightness and handiness allows a continuous use without any difficulty.

Mio Sonic can be used for the following applications:

  • Pain therapy
  • Fitness treatments
  • Esthetic treatments