The term “pathology”, in the medical field, indicates the study of the causes of a disease, that means the mechanisms that determine its alterations and effects.

In the biomedical field it's more precisely defined as "general pathology", while in the common language it's considered as a synonym for the word "disease".

In the medical field, a pathology represents an ongoing disease and the pathological state therefore represents a condition of suffering of the organism.

Acute Pathology

The acute condition represents the moment of maximum suffering of the organism in the course of an illness or dysfunction. The intensification of a disease or dysfunction is sometimes accompanied by the appearance of severe symptoms in a very short period of time. Many times, the exacerbation of the pathology facilitates its diagnosis. In fact, the presence of such evident symptoms allows the identification of the problem that from the effect (the symptom) leads back to the cause (the disease or the dysfunction).

In these pages you will find the medical pathologies related to the human organism dysfunctions. The articles will deal with the causes and potential treatments or maintenance therapies for the reduction of the pain.

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