Mag 2000

MAG 2000 is the new powerful magnetotherapy device completely design and developed by Iacer R&D Department.

The experience and fantastic therapeutic results reached with My Mag forced us to improved the product taking care of the same fantastic features of My Mag.

Technical features

MAG 2000 is the natural evolution of My Mag: 2 channels device to easily treat different body parts with the highly appreciated elastic therapeutic belt with 3 solenoids.

MAG 2000 has 20 pre-setted programs for the treatment of several pathologies, 14 programs identified by the working frequency (from 1 to 100 Hertz) and an Autoscan program with continuous frequency variation for the treatment of both hard and soft tissues at the same time.

MAG 2000 has the possibility to set the intensity of magnetic field for all the programs up to 300 Gauss on 2 channels (150 Gauss for single channel).

MAG 2000 is a Medical Device with CE0476 mark.


  • MAG2000
  • Elastic therapeutic belt with solenoids
  • Medical power adaptor
  • User Manual
  • 1 PVC envelope
  • Bag