MIO CARE User manual Multilanguage (MNPG95-02)
Manual Electrodes positions 2CH (ITA-ENG-FR-ES-D-NL)
Technical Datasheet (SK210-00)

55 PROGRAMS more than 500 applications

A 2-channel appliance for family use: for treating pain, beauty treatments and ideal for an athlete´s needs as well.


  • TENS/EMS electrotherapy with graphic display
  • 2 connection cables with splitters (8 electrodes connection)
  • Pre-gelled adhesive electrodes
  •  Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
  • Battery charger
  • Belt clip
  • User manual and electrodes positions manual
  • Carriage bag


  • combined electrotherapy unit with 2 independent channels;
  • compensated biphasic square wave:  current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant  to avoid hazardous thermal effect of polarization;
  • digital easy to use keyboard;
  • remaining therapy time and programs instructions shown on graphic display;
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack (removable);
  • backlight display;
  • Maximum intensity 200 mApp;
  • CE0476 medical device.


20 Medical programs
Conventional tens (fast)
Endorphinic tens (delayed)
Tens at maximum values
Neck pain/cervicogenic headache
Backache/sciatic pain
Muscle relaxant
Atrophy prevention
Atrophy (trophism rehabilitation)
Hand and wrist pain
Plantar stimulation
Stress incontinence
Urgency incontinence
15 Beauty programs
Firming up - upper limbs and trunk
Firming up - lower limbs
Toning up - upper limbs and trunk
Toning up - lower limbs
Definition - upper limbs and trunk
Definition - lower limbs
Lipolysis - abdomen
Lipolysis - thighs
Lipolysis - glutei and hips
Lipolysis - arms
Tissue elasticity
Heaviness in legs
20 Fitness programs
Warming up
Resistance - upper limbs and trunk
Resistance - lower limbs
Resistant strength - upper limbs and trunk
Resistant strength - lower limbs
Basic strength - upper limbs and trunk
Basic strength - lower limbs
Fast strength - upper limbs and trunk
Fast strength - lower limbs
Explosive strength - upper limbs and trunk
Explosive strength - lower limbs
Deep capillarization
Muscle recovery
Sequential tonic contractions - upper limbs and trunk
Sequential tonic contractions - lower limbs
Sequential phasic contractions - upper limbs and trunk
Sequential phasic contractions - lower limbs
Muscle relaxant
Deep massage

- Pathology treatment plan and personal trainer in the manual.
- Weekly strength increasing programs.
- Automatic intensity increase display.
The MIO-CARE FITNESS micro-impulses act directly on the muscle nerve motor guaranteeing maximum effect and precision.
In asynchronous mode MIOCARE FITNESS works with sequence stimulation of the two channels, to give effective results with lipolysis, agonist-antagonist, toning and phasal contractions and deep-down massage programs.


MIO-CARE can generate alternate impulses on the two channels to produce sequential contractions or stimulations. This features avoid the use of MIO-CARE FITNESS both for beauty treatments (for example lipolysis) and for fitness treatments to stimulate agonist muscles or in sequential contractions.

Its high power can satisfy even the most exigent sport user.