User manual Multilanguage (MNPG88-01)
Technical Datasheet (SK197-01)

Portable device for high frequency magnetotherapy

High efficiency rechargeable battery

20 PROGRAMS with adjustable frequency from 8 to 640 Hz and therapy time up to 24 hours

Ideal for treating disorders of the soft tissues, such as muscles and tendons (tendinitis, back pain, hematomas, etc.).
It is also indicated for bone tissue pathologies as calcification retards.


  • Device
  • 1 Elastic therapeutic
  • Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
  • Battery charger
  • 1 User manual with belt positioning
  • Transport Bag


  • Large display
  • 2 belts connections
  • Adjustable intensity on 3 levels
  • Wrong belt connection indicator
  • Backlight display
  • Belt clip
  • Medical device CE0476


High frequency magnetotherapy, also known as high frequency electromagnetotherapy or PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) is based on emitting radio waves with a frequency between 18 and 900 MHz in short pulses, and the frequency can be regulated.

High frequency and low intensity (measured in milliwatts) is particularly indicated in pain therapy, healing, oedemas and generally for treating disorders of the soft tissues.

It can also be used for calcification retard, but requires more treatments than low frequency magnetotherapy.


TENS acts on the pain with a prevailing action on the nervous system and, therefore, on the painful symptom.

High frequency magnetotherapy not only acts on the nerve ends, but acts more effectively on the cellular structure, helping to restore the normal physiological conditions.

Studies and clinical experience have confirmed electromagnetic wave therapy is totally harmless and with no undesirable side-effects (the contraindications, or rather use under strict medical supervision, are limited to wearers of pacemakers, pregnant women, patients with serious cardiac/neurological problems or patients with extensive tumours).

For these reasons, PEMF has been used in a wide range of disorders with very satisfactory results, both in hospitals and outpatients surgeries.